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About YesterTecs

YesterTecs are an imaginary throwback in time.

The concept of YesterTecs is derived from that period of time when mention of sleuths and gumshoes recalled audio reminiscences of Detective Danny Clover on the CBS radio network program: 'Broadway Is My Beat'.

During the Nineteen Fifties, similar U.S. network radio programs were often transcribed for replay in Europe over '208'; the English language nighttime service of Radio Luxembourg aimed at listeners in the British Isles.

Then of course there are those movie screen flashbacks that many can recall, which among many of that vintage starred Humphrey Bogart. He played the parts of tough guys who were private eyes such as Sam Spade and Phillip Marlowe.

At least, that is what YesterTecs would like you to recall as you read on.

YesterTecs are not comic book 'superheroes' but naturally born human beings.

They might be viewed as a cross between that daydreaming youth with a vivid imagination in the 1963 film 'Billy Liar', and perhaps just as equally, they might be imagined as Clark Kent before his routine disappearances to change from street clothes into a ridiculously outdated swimsuit costume with an attached cape in which he becomes 'Superman'.

More down to earth is that "wealthy American playboy and philanthropist" Bruce Wayne. He indulged in similar sartorial silliness by donning a a similar costume to which he added a helmet and became 'Batman'. Then there was that newspaper publisher named Britt Reid. He was content with just a face mask that somehow concealed his identity as the 'Green Hornet', a sort of updated version of the 'Lone Ranger' who did the same thing. But not to be ignored there was the reformed drug lord known as Lamont Cranston. He used "psychic powers" to "cloud men's minds" so that he could perform redemptive good works as 'The Shadow'.

However, YesterTecs do not don any strange attire, except perhaps a make-believe trilby hat and rain coat with a turned-up collar in order to add a touch of fantasy to their own recital of events. In the real world the methodology of YesterTecs research is quite tedious and mundane. Not wanting to present just the unadorned academic details of collated data, a layer of fantasy has been added. To quote Mary Poppins, "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down". In this instance, a little fantasy helps the storyline come alive.

The firm of YesterTecs, which in one sense does not exist, is patterned after the activities of very ordinary people who have decided to take on a rather extra-ordinary investigation. Because the time periods under investigation kept expanding in scope, like book ends holding an ever expanding library shelf of books, this story appears to have no beginning, and therefore in all probability it has no ending. Or at least there is not one in sight. But this not a work of fiction. It is a true story. It might even be categorized as a true crime story on a large scale where you are the victim.

But if the firm of YesterTecs does not exist as a detective agency, but only as a part of this storyline, who pays for the above-mentioned and never-ending investigative work, and why? The answer is: the same people who use the 'cloak' of YesterTecs to reveal their findings. They self-finance their own investigations. There is no 'Brief from above', and therefore there is no time-dated contract to fulfill.

Behind YesterTecs are three roman-à-clef individuals, who when assimilated into this storyline, comprise two brothers and a sister. These three operate their own private investigation agency. The eldest is John Haler and he is the person primarily acting as your narrator. John is also the lead investigator. Next in age is his brother Tom Haler and he primarily produces case reports. Then there is Regina Haler who is a close-runner-up in years to Tom, and she flits in and out to assist with the functions of the office.They have all been in business as a team since at least 1985, so this is not a new venture for them.

That is the premise of YesterTecs, and because of the prescience of a hindsight understanding, the present is always now, even though other people may consider it to have been sometime in the past.

It may sound complicated, but it is not, and as you move through the timeline of this story, it will become apparent why we have chosen this methodology as a means of taking this excursion into semi-fantasy may become a better way to time travel.

However, we remind you to always keep in mind, that while our methodology may be considered as an element borrowed from the world of fiction writers, that has been added solely for the purpose of providing entertainment. Without it, this recital might be considered very dry data, even though that data is well documented and often peer reviewed by academia.

Once assimilated by the mind, the comprehensive scope of its panoramic impact generates many startling new questions that rise to the level of a true crime 'thriller'. But then, this true crime story arises from information that has not been concealed, but "hidden in plain sight".

Because human beings are all terminal in their Earthly duration, there never has been a single "Mister Big", even though seeking such a scapegoat is often the conspiratorially simplistic goal and of frustrated investigators in search of a quick and answer.(1) Conspiracies in the plural do exist, and this is a fact written into the laws of nations. Prosecution for participation in criminal conspiracies do take place, when it is convenient for the holders of power to terminate their enterprises.

But this investigation is not about 'right' versus 'wrong'; 'good' versus 'bad' or 'righteousness' versus 'evil', this is an investigation into real life events which have taken place by individual human beings during the chronology of time. Their driving force has been a ruthless quest for self -gain at the expense of other individual human beings.

While self-gain has been their motive during the brief moment in time that they existed on this Planet, their activities are shrouded in secrecy. The methodology of choice is often one of misdirection in order to create a degree of obfuscation that will conceal a true explanation of the events that they are engaged in.

Following false-leads into a maze of endless dead-ends is a frustratingly pointless waste of time; time is always on the side of any relay team that is composed of different age groups who are collectively dedicated to relentlessly pursuing questions in search of answers. It is the expectant and often successful result of finding exiting discoveries that can be shared with others, which creates a reward in itself.

One such team are the YesterTecs.  

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(1) The reference to a "Mister Big" is drawn from the obfuscated explanation offered by Jocelyn Stevens in the 1964 Granada TV documentary 'World in Action'. In that on camera news program he denied that there was a "mastermind" behind the creation of the offshore radio station 'Caroline'. In fact, there were several self-interested individuals with corresponding agendas who were behind the venture. Those individual interests which represented various companies, included the industrial interests of Jocelyn Stevens, even though he obfuscated the issue by redirecting attention to a young Irishman named Ronan O'Rahilly who lacked both the financial ability and business acumen to create such a venture.