I am the daughter of a member of a tiny group of investigative writers who call themselves 'The Trio'.

They write for both mass media, and for academia. Their approach to both disciplines is obviously different because the demands on them are different.
My interest is assisting with the mass media side of this investigation by putting a human face on it, as a 'brand name'. 'The Trio' does not exist by soliciting money from the general public, and neither do they at present rely upon income from sales to the public. They are self-funding, which is why I am working for them free of charge.
So how did my own involvement come about?
It began by accident after the library of 'The Trio' was shipped to a warehouse in Texas, a few years ago before the pandemic struck. The warehouse is owned by my uncle who lives about an hour away in a tiny Texas town called Scotland. He has an apartment adjoining his warehouse which is about a three hours drive and almost 200 miles away near Canton in East Texas.  I was invited to go and sift through the boxed library to see what had been missed by 'The Trio'.
They had come together around 1980, as a result of an ongoing investigation that began back in the UK during 1966 concerning the subject of British offshore broadcasting from ships anchored off the UK coastline.
Cutting to the chase, my own re-investigation has already turned up a massive story that no one else has read or published to date. That is because the story has been scattered in a thousand or so pieces (or so it seems), just like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle that has been dropped on the floor.
Another way to view my investigation is if it was a pebble that had been dropped into a still body of water. It caused ripples to continue to spread out equally in all directions.
My part has been in identifying that 'pebble'. So while the pandemic causes a disruption to what had been normal life, I am working away on a project which needed a new identity, a 'brand' name, and so I became the human manifestation of both the brand and the new direction that this project has now taken.
Originally I saw this is as a single book, but now I see it as a series of books, and hopefully as a television documentary series.
In the meantime, I am quietly working away next to the City of Canton in East Texas which for 170 years has been home to the largest outdoor shopping venue in the USA, before the pandemic struck and shut everything down.
Because everything is closed for the duration of the pandemic, the world around me is quite, and this makes it a good place to study. At least the air is clean and there are enough open facilities for me to live a life that is more akin to a retreat from the hustle and bustle of Washington DC, and it is more than anything that could be called a hardship.