Our Mission is to examine the "dark-side" of public information.

By this we mean that side that the mass-media version does not reflect.

With regards to this particular project, we run into a lot of howling voices who do not like what we are doing, because their aims are to misinterpret; conceal; misdirect and confuse by mass media where necessary. Their goal is to promote the self-gain of a person; a group of people; an organization, or a governmental entity.

We have no mandate other than to investigate; to reveal, and to share knowledge.

We have no Patron.

We are self-funded.

At the moment, we are not asking anyone else for anything relating to financial support or contributions. If an individual wishes to assist us in our Mission, we will consider their offer, but it cannot have strings attached to it. We are what we are, and we are who we are.

Who are we?

We are a core group of people with a relationship of long-standing who have individually differing political views, and religious backgrounds. We argue and we debate among ourselves, but first and foremost we are friends.

We owe nothing to those who attack us intending to derail our Mission, and we have no obligation to be "fair" with those who oppose us. Instead we will ignore them and where necessary expose them. This is why we are not obligated to trolls and why we have no reason to give them "equal time".

Our Mission began with a single media question back in 1985, and since then those questions have multiplied exponentially in all directions. They are like a single pebble dropped into a still body of water that causes ripples to emanate in all directions.

As this project has progressed over the years, we have endeavored to share our discoveries with as many people as possible, but we do not tolerate theft of our intellectual work, and we will draw attention to thefts of this nature, when they take place.

Since all human beings arrive on this Planet by the same biological process; even though some human beings have developed biologically with more biological advantages than others, on an intellectual level; defined here as being related to the ability to think and understand information; all human beings begin with the same lack of explanation as to why they have been born. Their individual knowledge base is then rapidly filled by other human beings, and that is where mischief begins, because in many instances, what is related is not understanding based upon true knowledge; but manipulated information that is based upon deceitful and harmful propaganda. Our Mission is to expose that propaganda, and to do our best to provide a truthful interpretation of information.

We operate at the moment under the umbrella of a dormant company with the intention of expanding to the development of a social and societal membership community that is composed of all who share similar ideals.

This Mission Statement is not intended to be perceived as a request for anything from anyone. If you have anything positive to contribute towards the further development of this project, it will be considered within the same spirit that it has been offered.